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The story behind this accomplishment is word-of-mouth

//Part 1

Our work, policy and our ethic became our business card. With every project, we got more and more positive results and we began to make a name for ourselves. So we were fortunate enough to get to the ears of a World Bank official.

After a discussion we reached the same conclusion. That we’re a match and we can deliver the expected results when it comes to urban renewal. For both the public and the private sector (and their respective communities).

Today, we can analyse the current situation and identify the needs of every community, regarding urban regeneration. Once the strategy is approved by our partners (local authorities, real estate developers, etc.), the project is ready to be implemented and change the actual life of people living in the area. Step by step.

Urban regeneration is something every city needs. To help it evolve from a gray and crowded cocoon into a green, smart and less crowded butterfly. For instance, instead of wasting your time while stuck in traffic, you receive the gift of time (which you can use for your favorite activities).

Ultimately the city should be able to provide a good life to every citizen. And that is what we provide with every implemented project.


This is part of a series of articles about our collaboration with The World Bank.

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