Mamaia resort – a guide to urban regeneration

Solutions that have the potential to transform the Mamaia resort into a modern tourist destination
Tourism is an extremely important sector of the economy. However, the potential of this sector is often overlooked. That’s why we chose to get involved and focus on the tourism infrastructure of the Mamaia resort.

The first step was the field research. This helped us to clearly assess the current situation. Unfortunately, I noticed how little of the potential of this resort is used by local authorities.

Being an important touristic attraction, we highlighted in the report presented to the authorities that the area needs to increase the attractiveness of the public space, various public facilities, to landscape the green spaces, etc., and at the same time we highlighted issues related to urban spaces that are not that attractive for tourists.


The guide we’ve proposed contains numerous suggestions for improving the infrastructure, identifying clear points in urban regeneration and highlighting the ways in which the proposals can be implemented. Suggestions target bus stops, green spaces, signage, parks, pontoons and many more. The guide stands out thanks to the feasibility of the suggested proposals, because it maintains a balance between the current situation of a clear urban point and how it can be improved, but it also stands out because it involves a theoretical foundation of principles in urban regeneration. 



These solutions have the potential to transform the Mamaia resort into a modern tourist destination, which will help the socio-economic development of the area, hence giving the resort an important role for future tourism strategies.


This is part of a series of articles about our collaboration with The World Bank.

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