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Green Spots by Triptic Studio About Green Spots Our role is to improve the spaces where communities live and work while focusing on sustainability. No matter the size or the life-cycle of [...]


scooter charging your fleet so you can go with the flow Urban Solar Charging Stations SOLAR POWERED e-SCOOTER & e-BIKE CHARGER 21st century technology, one which is a driver of innovation [...]


bus recharging while waiting for your transport Urban Solar Charging Stations Solar powered modular bus shelter & info point Waiting for your bus just got green light! Easy to incorporate, [...]

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To download any of the Urban Regeneration Guides we built with THE WORLD BANK you can subscribe to our newsletter. Let’s talk and find the idea that will improve your city!


AWARDS Our activity brought us a lot of awards that helped us push forward and convinced us we are doing the right thing in the right place at the right time . 2017 – We got Grant Program Startup [...]

The Green Network

This is our GREEN NETWORK An eco responsible network. Our goal is to expand it, while improving Romania and giving game changers the chance to be a part of this process. Do you want to join our [...]


tree charging your devices while sheltering you from the sun Urban Solar Charging Stations Solar powered mobile device charger & urban furniture Innovation leads to greener cities, that help [...]

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