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About Green Spots

Our role is to improve the spaces where communities live and work while focusing on sustainability. No matter the size or the life-cycle of the project, we make it our mission to put to good use all our resources: creative vision, technical expertise, interdisciplinary insight, and local experiences.

Aurel Basuc


Adrian Tutuianu


Cristian Danciu

Business Developer

Our story starts back in 2013, in Bucharest. Three enthusiastic people gathered around, and thanks to their creative design skills, decided to aim for the stars. Their names? Aurel Basuc, Adrian Țuțuianu and Cristian Danciu.

As business was blooming, so did the team. The team of 3 became a team of 10. And that team of 10 is being helped by a hub of other 20 professionals.

The beginning was scary. But the good kind of scary. Because you know good things are coming, as long as you’re willing to work for them. And we did. With a little bit of enthusiasm, we started to dream about a six-figure (€) turnover. Dreaming about exploring foreign markets. Or even dreaming about opening a connected business.

Guess what? Dreams do come true. If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you. Green Spots is the crown jewel of all our efforts.

We’ve managed to change cities!

And we’ve managed to offer new experiences to so many people. While taking a walk through the park or needing to recharge their phone before their favorite artist was getting ready to entertain them. It’s the quality of life we get the chance to improve and that’s our main motivation.

bus team
trees team

Why Green Spots?

No matter the size or the life-cycle of the project, you will have our full expertise and attention at your disposal. We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter and check our blog so you can take a deeper look into our past projects and the way we manage to deliver a better space for the local communities and a more sustainable future.

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